2019-ongoing.New York, New York
Fashion holds a deeply intimate form of expression. Through a partnership with Zoe Gustavia Anna Whalen, her designs become multisensory exhibits across New York City. Understanding the symbolic elements of ZGAW’s clothing connects one to historic narratives of gender-specific materiality, perception of shape, and embodiment of emotion in  form. We compose spaces from rounds of collaborative ideation that transform a vacant storefront and an old tombstone carving facility. BrineSpace then built sets where clothing becomes part of a blend of performance, architecture, and occultism that defines the experience of fashion. These happenings subvert the relationship between performer and observer to explore levels of intimacy and vulnerability in public. 

Through her seasons, Whalen relies on found objects, donated material, and second-hand sources to design her clothing. We approach each performance with the same values in order to set positive examples for sustainable fashion and pavilion design. Item shares and rentals and reusable purchases  minimize consumption. Soft and lightweight materials are chosen to be easily recyclable and to reduce set-up and breakdown labor. BrineSpace acts as mediator between venue and artist to make ephemeral and visceral exhibition designs.

● $5,000 
● Exhibition Design
● Creative Direction

Points of Note
● Sustainable Sources
● Spatial Choreography
● Fashion
● Event Planning