What Is BrineSpace?

We are a transdisciplinary design studio exploring the relationships between objects, creatures, and our shared environments. We believe great design can and should benefit everyone (critters included).

As a design, build, and research oriented studio, we’re driven to create well informed and novel projects. Projects that create delight and value for our clients, community, and planet.

BrineSpace Works Together!

We love to collaborate! Through our work we enjoy developing ongoing partnerships with people, businesses, non-profits, and community groups who share our drive to craft a more just and fantastic world.

So far we have been fortunte enough to help...

- tend to joy, healing, and community with the Flower Tower

- improve local food security in Boston with Community Fridge Sheds

- develop bespoke 3D printed metal jewelery together with Dylan Reed

- create lasting memories with shapeshifting restaurant nights at the Howling House

- explore lifestyle and culture around the future of cannabis at the Cambridge Cafe

About the Studio.

Things are always in flux and our design proccess embraces that. As a result we always have some odd bits of work fermenting. We also believe everyone does better, when everyone does better. Because of that belief we do our best to share resources when we can.

Feel free to explore our projects or learn more about us. If you have a project in need of some innovative work or just want to say hello, we’re always happy to connect with new friends.