Fridge Sheds 

2020-2021.Greater Boston, Massachusetts
Community Fridges are a mutual aid effort to empower communities by enabling access to free food with a publicly accessible refrigerators. We have been working with community fridge organizations in Boston to create a set of easy-to-follow building instructions for a shed that can be customized to fit the local needs of their host communities. Fridge Sheds help protect the fridges and dry goods from the elements to increase operation longevity and serve as a community notice board and gathering place.

We worked with two carpenters to hone the details and feasibility of the step-by-step Fridge Shed assembly instructions. In order to make the plans accessible, we simplified the construction to require only wood (cut to size), a drill, and screws. This design allows for the cut wood to be delivered to volunteers or community members as a simple set of parts that requires minimal tools, resources, and expertise. 

Fridge Sheds serve as a tactical public space, acting as a true resource and magnet for the community to gather around and collectively build. Fridge Sheds provide an opportunity to serve specific needs of the host community through flexible and localized construction. They are an opportunity to expand access to information and public health, also holding books, seating, emergency assistance, phone chargers, in addition to the food they have come to be known by.

● $500/Pro-Bono
● Buildable Instructions & Spec Sheets
● Cost Engineering

Points of Note
~Tactical Urbanism
~Social Justice & Activism
~Community Infrastructure
~Neighborhood Crafting