Flower Tower

2021.Boston, Massachusetts
We need reasons to gather, to heal, and to reclaim our public spaces together. We contribute to this act of community during inPublic's Festival at Down Crossing. Our monument is hosted alongside work from over 60 other artists that creates a space for collective healing at the heart of the city.

Our installation reclaims the imagery of the Monument, and aims to reclaim public space while spreading joy at the human scale. The 6' tall hollow perforated cardboard structure is filled with 800+ individual cut stems and seed packets so anybody can each take flowers now, but feel enabled to make their own garden in the future.

As the weekend progresses, flowers and seed packets are taken and the sculpture transforms, exposing its hand-mixed chalkboard paste surfaces. Attendees are encouraged to leave notes and drawings all over after they remove stems and packets. Our monument to the public provides resources for the public, just as it allows the public to leave something of their own.

● $400
● Concept Design

● Installation

● Construction

Points of Note
● Community Engagement
● Material Reuse

● Spreading Joy