Dylan Reed Jewelry

2021.Boston, Massachusetts
Current 3D modeling and digital fabrication techniques have expanded the possibilities for jewelers. Collaborating with artist and local craftsman Dylan Reed, we utilize freeform modeling to translate sketches and conversatiosn to high resolution objects ready for the metal 3D printer.  We work with Dyland to digitally sculpt each of his works to closely match the feel of a traditionall hand worked piece. This saves Dylan hundreds of hours it takes to develop each product.

Reed’s pieces embody “industrial naturalism” as he simulates and takes inspiration from natural structures and fluid forms, fused with hard lines that allude to machinery and traditional jewelry making techniques. By iteratively designing alongside Dyland from sketch to production, we’re able to delivery one-of-a-kind pieces that straddle the space between “made by computers” and “grown by the world”.

● $10,000
● Digital Fabrication Model
● Manufacturing

Points of Note
● Collaboration with artist
● Freeform organic digital modeling