2018-ongoing.Various, US & Asia
Bodega is a company that has innovated consistently with what it means to be have an active brand identity. The Boston-based cultural maverick has continue to push the envelope with experiential retail design. Approaching conventions and pop-ups as an opportunity to bring what it means to represent the brand across the globe. Collaborations with other stores for unique installations can be expected to contain pirate DJ sets, tattoo parlors, salons, concerts, and signature limited edition pieces that you would be wise not to miss. By curating a multisensory embodiment of what the brand curates past just fashion, the pop-ups are sure to stand out in somebody’s memory as more than just another shopping experience.

● $10,000-$200,000
● Visualization
● Build Documents

Points of Note
● Pavilion Design
● Experiential Retail
● International Buildouts