Who is the Studio?
We are a group of people interested in evolving through the centuries. We are a group of designers, architects, scientists, and technologists upset with traditional processes and approaches to design. We are fed up with irresponsible design as the standard for success.

This means making design decisions with sensitive and informed perspectives. Including the past and the future. Making sure to do just as much as we read. Documenting our processes and building new ways to think. Rendering beauty and assembling joy. We collaborate together utilizing high-impact remote and digital tools. We build in the real and physical world. So who are we?

Leah (she/her): Actually transcends the intersection of art and technology. Tablet art legend. Fan of microrganisms and mycelium. Creates in the lab. 

Pat (he/him): Schemer & architect with an overactive imagination. Appreciates the little things. Liable for a five minute late notice. Into Tezos NFTs.

Chad (he/him): Visualization expert and software guru. From Texas. Architected at places you know. Iconic laugh. Advocate for healthy environments.

So Why BrineSpace?
Because we all need a saltier approach to how and what gets made in our space. We are tired of exploitative company behavior, gatekeeping of the good stuff, slow-moving bureaucracies, and bystanders of all kinds. Design can and does change lives, it brings people together, gives definition to memories, and even influences economic and health outcomes.
Our firm creates a space for good ideas to get better. Through our process we investigate local ecologies, politics, technology, economics, and psychology. We examine systems through a myriad of lenses at scales from the global to the microscopic. Our design outcomes aim to dialogue with this myriad of parts, and influences, to create projects which grow,evolve, adapt, and fluctuate in dialogue with the rapidly changing environments, communities, technologies, and systems of the 21st century world. Through BrineSpace Studio we aim to create works in which time is our ally, supporting the preservation of resources, and the evolution of projects fermenting in new, exciting, and useful ways.

Past Collaborators
Eduardo Martinez Toribio, Eyub Acikgoz