Who is the Studio?
A group of people interested in evolving through the centuries. We are a group of designers, architects, scientists, and technologists upset with traditional processes and approaches to design. We are fed up with irresponsible design as the standard for success.

This means making design decisions with sensitive and informed perspectives. Including the past and the future. That means reading and doing. Writing and building. Rendering and assembling. We collaborate together utilizing high-impact remote and digital tools. We build in the real and physical world.

So Why BrineSpace?
Because we need a saltier approach to how and what gets made in our space. We are tired of exploitative company behavior, gatekeeping of the good stuff, slow-moving beauracracies, and bystanders of all kinds. Our firm creates a space for good ideas to get better. We integrate local ecologies, politics, technology, economics, time, and the larger world in which our designs reside. Time is our ally as it guides us toward full life cycle integration with every creation and end-use scenarios. Resources are more important than ever! Yes, we do more with less!

That Sounds Tasty.